SIM2 Crystal4S Video Projector (Black)

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Crystal 4 SH (Black) 4K UHD HDR
The first Sim2’s laser-hybrid light source front projector. The new high-precision lens, coupled our latest laser-hybrid light source, the latest 0.66“ DMD with state of the art processing and perfect HDR management, creates the best SIM2 middle hi-end product we’ve ever made.

Key features

  • Single-chip DMD 0.66” 4K UHD
  • Laser hybrid light source (up to 3,600 ANSI Lumens)
  • HDR capability
  • Vertical optical shift
  • 1.6x zoom lens
  • Crystal-glass cabinet finish

High Brightness & High Dynamic Range (HDR)
That said, brightness without dynamics and proper management is not enough to create an extraordinary picture: based on our 20 years of experience in DLP development, coupled with the experience gained in designing the award winning NERO 4S, we are now able to provide simply the best emotive experience in home cinema.

Perfect HDR
SIM2 is the company with one of the longest and most qualified experiences in the field of HDR, both in flat monitors and in video projection, having started to work on HDR more than 13 years ago. HDR processing is THE real revolution in video imaging and home cinema performance. The Crystal 4 Sh SuperHybrid features the same HDR processing developed for the world famous SIM2 NERO 4S, recognized as the reference standard for HDR image perfection. The result of this accurate HDR processing is to make visible all image details either in the dark and/ or bright parts of the image: an impressive cinematic achievement and quite an experience!

Accurate and vibrant lively Colours
A weak point of many Laser hybrid projectors has been the “colours”: images often appear yellowish or greenish.
The Crystal 4 Sh SuperHybrid sports a perfect white point colour and an expanded colour space, exceeding 80% of the DCI standard (the colour space of commercial Digital Cinema projectors).
This means perfect reproduction of images that look nothing more than “natural”.

New laser
The use of the latest developments in the blue laser as well as in phosphor technology in the Crystal 4 Sh SuperHybrid combine high brightness with a colour gamut that not only reaches REC709 but goes far beyond it, offering natural, true colours with correct colour stability. The Crystal 4 Sh SuperHybrid features the latest semiconductor technology in solid-state laser applications for blue coherent light emissions.
The Crystal 4 Sh SuperHybrid uses 2 colour wheels: one with phosphors and one with dichroic filters. The first with its latest generation green and yellow phosphors offers constant emissions over time and as the temperature changes. The second purifies the colours, with which SIM2, with its long experience in the field of colorimetric reproduction, has reached an unusual degree of colorimetric reproduction accuracy in the Crystal 4 Sh SuperHybrid.

Projection lens
The Crystal 4 Sh SuperHybrid uses a high resolution, very low dispersion 1.6x zoom projection lens. This lens allows together with the excellent performance of the DMD, very low background light and a contrast at the highest levels seen on the market. Its characteristics of clarity, sharpness and uniformity over the whole screen, of low chromatic aberration and low geometric distortion, allow the Crystal 4 Sh SuperHybrid to achieve impeccable optical performance typical of much higher priced projection systems.