Marantz CINEMA30 AV Amplifier (Black)

R 129,990.00

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CINEMA 30 is the most refined AVR Marantz has created. With premium features, optimised from decades of rich heritage, timeless style, and engineered for utmost performance, Marantz CINEMA 30 is the foundation of superior home theatre systems.

High Power & Low Distortion
Each channel is rated at 140W with 0.05% THD, making both powerful dynamics and subtle detail a reality.

11 Channels & Countless Configurations
Though 11 amplifier channels are built in, CINEMA 30 can process up to 13.4 channels, making the perfect speaker layout for your room easy to achieve.

No Compromise Engineering
Hi-Fi performance technologies like HDAM SA-2, monolithic symmetrical amplifiers, toroidal transformer-based power supplies, and more elevate CINEMA 30 to performance levels seldom found in an AVR.

Sound Master Tuned & Calibrated for You
Premium and custom ingredients are chosen by the Marantz Sound Masters to capture The Most Musical Sound. Powerful calibration
and tuning tools are included, enabling you to get the best performance from your system.

7 HDMI inputs, plus digital, analog, and phono inputs – even analog video plus loudspeaker and pre-amp outputs – ensure connectivity to virtually any components you have.

Timeless Yet Modern Style
Excellence is heard and seen. CINEMA 30 is meticulously crafted in Japan with authentic materials in a modern style, befitting its rich heritage and stunning performance.